Spirit of 76


To finish of the package, there is a modelled spring reverb using our Pioneer SR-202W, a great sounding vintage reverb made famous by the Beastie Boys amongst others.  There is also amp knob to add mojo using the Fender Tweed drive circuit.  Chorus and Tremolo are included to complete a simple but well featured bank of controls to tweak your own preferred ‘Rhodes Sound’.

The Spirit of 76 is a beautifully sampled Rhodes Mk1 Kontakt instrument.  This particular instrument appealed due its great character and warmth which was captured in all its glory through the legendary Neve 1073 pre amp revealing the full richness of this legendary instrument.

Audio Samples

00:00 / 00:57
00:00 / 00:49
00:00 / 00:33

Kontakt Full version 5.02 or later required.

2.5GB of Samples- Every single note sampled with up to 14 Velocity Layers (12 average)

24 Bit-48Khz WAV samples recorded through a Neve 1073 CH pre amp.

IR based emulation of Spring Reverb and Tweed Amp drive. Chorus and Tremolo included.

Full natural decay with samples up to 35 seconds in length.

30 Euros

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